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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper is an RPG that brings together some of the most charismatic characters of the Final Fantasy series (of which there are many) to help you relive the most iconic scenes from the games.

To begin, you'll need to create a group of heroes. This will consist of the main character (which you can name and equip as you wish) and a cast of characters that will be familiar to every JRPG fan. Cloud, Squall, Terra, Lighting, and Yuna, among many others, will join your main character on his adventure.

The story of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper will take you through different scenes from the Final Fantasy series. You start with Final Fantasy VII but will soon unlock levels within Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy X. Within each addition, you will encounter the original villains from those parts, too.

The game’s combat system returns to the roots of the series, bringing back the classic ATB (Active Time Battle). Each of the characters that you have on the battlefield can attack, use magic, defend, summon, and even use the famous limit attacks.

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper is an excellent RPG in the traditional style, which is especially interesting for fans of Final Fantasy because of its nostalgic appeal. Final Fantasy IV went on sale in 1991, but even the passing of time will not prevent you from enjoying a classic game like this one.
By Taryn
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher